Dexcom studios profile transfer

HI all, so I got my reciever replacement, and was wondering is there a way to combine this receivers data with my old receivers data? If so how. lol

Thanks in advance


Last I called (nearly a year ago) there still wasn't. Don't know if it's been upgraded since but that's my last update.

I use the Dexcom Studio software (presently using version and have several older receivers (both G4 and S7+) in the same program. It doesn't integrate the data amongst the receivers, but the old data is there so if I want to see what I was doing on an earlier receiver, I just go to the "patients" option and choose an earlier set of data to look at.

The program has the ability to switch between "patients" if you are a physician or other health care provider, but I use it to switch between older and newer receivers. I would hope that if you plead hard enough, they would make you an honorary physician!

I e-mailed to a few years ago, and provided "activation request key" and "receiver number" and they sent back an "activation code"

Hope this helps!

I can view my data from the old receiver I just wanted to combine to see a trend. It’s all good. Activation key for what.

Sorry Dishers,
the data from one cannot be transferred or combined with another. It sucks but it is the fact.

No problem did not have the firsts one for long. Lol
Good to know if I could or not though

Unlike Copilot (which I use for OmniPod) you cannot merge/combine the data from multiple devices. I find it annoying when I want to view a quarter vs. quarter report. I can't generate one until six months have gone by.

Clare is that an amazon or conure?

Thanks Brad, yeah, so much data it is a shame that we can't combine them yet. let alone in the same program. this in time will come I am sure of that.

It's a yellow Lorid sp? I met at Belize Bird Rescue last October. Her name is Miracle.

Cool I was way off. Lol great name for rescue. I used to rescue birds. Mostly cockatiels.

My sister and brother in law live in Belize City. He's a dive master and she is an animal rescuer. They're both retired and have lots of time on their hands. One of her friends lives out in the country and rehabs and rescues birds.

Very interesting it’s great when we can help those who cannot speak for themselves

Yes, I just took delivery of a new receiver due to a button action defect on the old one. When I talked to customer service, I told them that they really should allow integration of the old data with the new. The rep sympathized with me but couldn't offer any work-around. I guess we are just a micro-market niche that doesn't justify a software upgrade like this.

I don't think it would be that difficult to do. So don't understand why they don't.
or to be able to work with a Mac, that to me is insane. but glad that I can still show data and not have to write it down.