Representation and Meaning

I know that the little says or my meaning of this representation is a little corny or retarded, but when Sophia was diagnosed and I wanted to get a tattoo of a swallow for my daughter I found this and it stood out to me for her own little battle and being brave. All our marine friends thing my daughter is pretty bad ■■■ for being so tough and taking shots with out a wince or flinch. They all adore her and I was saving this tattoo on the hard drive for when I had time and money to get it done... So today my best friend got home from deployment a few weeks ago and owed me money from taking care of his truck, so long story short... he wanted a ride to go get his tattoo appointment set and go shopping so I drove him and when he paid me my money back I turned and gave it to the clerk at the tat shop and printed the image from my phone storage, went to the back sat down and got this done. I am proud of it. And it is sooo uber cute just like my little girl.