Research Survey of Community Citizenship Behavior

A research project entitled "The Antecedents of Community Citizenship Behavior in Health Social Networks Websites” at Dakota State University has been approved to survey our members. The purpose of the study is to explore the drivers of Community Citizenship Behaviors (CCB) in health social network sites (SNS). Specifically, it examines health SNS users’ psychological mechanisms represented by perceived social identity, empathic emotion, and perceived social support that might underlie users’ involvement in health SNS, which in turn influence their CCB. For this purpose, a questionnaire about users health SNS experience will be used. The questionnaire consists of 25 questions and will take approximately 20 minutes or less. This questionnaire will be conducted with an on-line Qualtrics-created survey. Eight of the participants who complete the survey will be awarded $50 based on a random drawing.

For questions concerning this survey please contact:

Mohammad Abdel-Rahman, graduate student
College of Business & Information Systems
Dakota State University

This survey has been approved by TuDiabetes Administration and respondents we have been assured that private information will be protected. We would encourage our members to help out this research.


Took the survey. Not sure how valid it is due to the evident language difficulties. There were quite a few questions to which I had to answer “neutral” because I just couldn’t figure out what the question was really asking.


I had great difficulty in the first large set of questions, I could not select the entry I wanted because of a software problem that would deselect previous selection int he area. I too had a great deal of difficulty with the language. Perhaps someone could help the researcher get this the document better refined.


I’d encourage everyone to consider taking this survey. We really need more research in this area. So many of us have benefited from the on-line communities and we know so little about them.


Thank you so much Brian for your post!

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Thank you for taking the survey.

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Thank you David for taking the survey!

@Mohammad2, how much longer can folks take the survey? I mean, what date does it close?

Approximately between 15-20 minutes. Thank you for asking

We would encourage you to take this survey and help out @Mohammad2 Mohammad in his work.

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Thank you Brian for support!

This research will help us to more understand the importance of online support group and its positive impact on users health outcomes.

no I meant what calendar date are you closing the survey? End of March, April, May?

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It depends on the level of responses I will get. I’ll keep posting the survey until I receive a good level of responses. Until now the level of responses is very weak. All what I got so far is just 10 responses. Hope I can get good level of responses by the next month. Otherwise, I will not be able to continue my research. Thank you Marie for asking.

Please consider taking the survey and help me in this research so we can understand the impact of online support group.

The purpose of this research is to find out the positive impact of the online health community on users.

I would encourage you to help me in this study.

Hope I can get better level of response this month.

Many of your questions are poorly worded and I couldn’t even understand a few of them. It appears to be a language issue. Perhaps you could get someone to assist you with improved translations…

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Thank you for the comment. Have you completed the survey?