Carb counting IHOP menu

Morning all!

I have a question for everyone. I ate at IHOP this weekend and well, the site doesn’t have a nutrition label and there was a FAQ that they do not provide it!!! I wished they would as I can’t figure out how to carb count the meal I had on the two lunch time I had over the weekend.

Does anyone know the carbs in their foods??? Can anyone help me?? Do I carb count it as if I made it at home??

Thanks! I hate when I go out to eat and I can’t find the carb info on the site and i have to guesstimate

Their pancakes are loaded. They are good but definitely hard to cover. So rather than “carby” foods you decide to try and get an omelet right? Except it is loaded too. If you read their menus about the eggs (omelets specifically), they say that they use some of the pancake batter to make the eggs fluffier…so you have to try and account for the carbs “hidden” in the eggs too.
I don’t have a good magic formula for you other than just from trial and error based on my experience of eating that type of stuff at home and then on my past experiences eating there…

Saturday I had the eggs benedict with regular bacon. Sunday I had the apple cinnamon crepe with scrambled eggs, 2 sausage links and 2 strips of bacon. but I can’t seem to find the about of carbs that it is to record! if you can help me that would be great. I personally hate when a restaurant do not have the nutritional value on their site. It makes it harder for me to calculate

For me the bacon (the fat in the bacon) in those meals would delay the carbs going in, so I’d have to extend the bolus quite a bit. But that’s a separate issue :slight_smile:

Calorie king shows “eggs benedict” to have between 36g and 40g per serving (for a couple of different brands). Now how does this “serving size” stack up to what you had at IHOP? I don’t know. I don’t eat eggs benedict, so I can’t really say.

The crepe is another area where I’m unfamiliar. Calorie king has a pretty large spread on carb count w/ that too. Here are two screenshots of different brand names of crepes…one is a cranapple and one is strawberry banana (no one had straight apple cinnamon):

You can see that one has 208 g carbs. That is again another vague listing of "one serving", which may actually be several crepes. I don't know how big that is so I can't say with certainty. Compare that to the "one crepe" of the strawberry banana and it is only listed as 43 g carbs. If you know these brand names then I would compare those "serving sizes" to what you received on your plate at IHOP, and I'd go from there...

Thanks for your help. I am not sure who else would make apple cinnamon crepes. I noticed cinnamon in the title and thought to have it as cinnamon has great value to diabetics (so i heard). I’ll go based on what you gave me and have to guessamate based on what you given me. My DE may have a better sense of the carbs once she gets the info on friday.

There is some literature that mentions consuming cinnamon to help better regulate glucose, but I’m pretty sure that is more with type II (if it is even valid…I have heard the same thing but never looked into the scientific side of it to know). I’m sure someone on here probably has more info about it, but I’m 99% sure it doesn’t do much for type I :slight_smile:

I think your DE would be a great resource for working through the mystery carb items too! Hope she can help you out for the next time you visit IHOP.

I hope so. usually I can get the nutritional value for most of the places I go to but IHOP does not disclose their value. makes me want to write to the American diabetes association and see what we can do to get restaurants to place the nutritional value on their site so we can better manage our food intake and portion our foods better.

Of all places to go, IHOP is definitely not diabetic friendly. The menu emphasizes sugar, starch and fat to the extreme. You are better off choosing a different type restaurant with more diabetic friendly choices. The eggs by themselves are ok but the sauce on the eggs Benedict is likely to be thickened with starch. (The real Benedict sauce is pure butter and egg yolks which is not good for us either.) IHOP panders to decadent urges for sugar, starch and fat in oversized portions. BTW Crepes are basically flour with small amounts of eggs and milk to bind the mix. The fillings are usually very sweet friut sauces loaded with sugar. Sorry to bring sad tidings. :-((

It was the closes place to go eat in a short amount of time we had. I dont eat there often at all but on those two days again the closes to where we were.

I found a source for food nutrition information in general that you wanted.
I found some info on IHOP here (see attached picture)

Notice the omlet meals with 1200 to 1500 calories. Negotiating an IHOP menu is like going through a Diabetic’s mine field. It’s tough for Diabetics living in a non-diabetic world. I hear you though.
6041-IHOP.jpg (49.4 KB) has SOME information about it. I don't see why IHOP won't provide their carb counts. I thought it had become law that restaurants must provide that information.