Results of the CGMS....and yet Still waking up 52

So i figured I should probably get around to posting the results of the CGMS I had last week.
dunn dun dunnnnnnnnn!

-NOTHING- okay, well maybe not nothing, but nothing nearly as helpful as I thought. turns out, in those 3 days i was hooked up and felt like a transformer with a transmitter attached to me, all bionic-woman-like, 70% if the time my BG was in range, 27% if the time i was high and only 3% i was hypo. but HOWWW can that be? i feel like i am never in range im always high or low? bah. But the good thing we did discover was that fatty foods reallllly keep my BG high for hours and hours on end, so i discovered the dual-wave feature of my pump. So far that little trick is working about pretty well. butt, i am STILL waking up with hypos and STILL having really bad highs after meals. I figured out that if i go to bed fairly elevated i wont wake up so low, ( so around 180 at bedtime). but this is exactly the pattern I fell into when I was up at college before summer, I would purposely eat a snack before bed (with no bolus coverage) so i wouldn’t bottom out come morning. And all this snacking, is whyyy I gained all my weight back that I lost last summer. I am convinced. lol.

terribly frustrating!

In other news, I found an AMAZING educator. she is super nice and has diabetes herself (always a plus). She recommend a diabetes support group that I am going to go check out in a couple of weeks. Im looking forward to that, you know- finally some interaction with some fellow carb counters! Im sure as everyone out here knows, being the only one amongst your social circle who has to be concerned with every little detail of the day, can get tedious and lonesome. oh oh, that reminds me, (background info:) I am taking a summer online human biology course, [see past blog entry] and we just covered endocrinology and had to write blog posts about a topic relating to the unit. So this guy wrote about how he got diagnoses with type 1 2 weeks ago!! crazy! I wound up emailing this classmate and telling him i also had type 1 and that i could help him manage the food situation on campus when school starts again, or help with any of his newbie diabetes questions. Its cool, i feel all mentory hahaha. I only wish I had an older diabetic, or any other diabetic for that matter, to guide me through my first year. but alas, i suppose things all work in a circular nature. what goes around, comes around- right?

todays food intake:
breakfast= yogurt, 24g/ peach fruit cup with splenda, 6g/ 2 eggs,0g and 2 pieces of fakin bacon, 2g. and with my very filling breakfast came a wonderful high of 190 post meal, but now its back down to 145. I started off with a 105. not too shabby. I just hate those post- meal highs though, they always make me so tired!