Review: Medtronic Minimed Quickset infusion set

A few weeks ago I conducted an evaluation of various infusion sites sets for my Minimed Paradigm. After writing about the Thinset reservoirs, the Inset II and the Cleo 90, I thought it would only be fair to write a formal review of the Minimed Quicksets. These are one of the standard sets made for the Paradigm, but is also available with a luer lock connection for other pumps.

Is anyone using Quickets on a non Paradigm pump?

The full review is here

Hi Dave,

Couldn’t agree more… no one should use any infusion set that causes kinked cannulas or any other malfunction.


Author of D and The Guy

I picked up my supply of Sure-T’s ( 3 boxes ) today and so far I am sold on the samples I got from MM I was using …Thanks Dave !! Our deal here in British Columbia , Canada, is to pick them up from the Pharmacy .
No need for me to reply to your discussion Henry .

Hey Henry,

It was a shame I missed making it to The Anglers the other week but I WILL make it to a Reality Check meet one day!

I have been using the Silhouettes since I started pumping in Feb’08 and having been overseas a couple of times have ended up with a ‘stock pile’ that would put DAV to shame (not a hard task) but have tried half a dozen Quick-Sets.

Touch wood - I had no problems and will continue to use them once the Silhouettes run out. I am sure once I have used more Quick-Sets I will have my share of failed sets but everyone is different and may not have the problems or as many of them that others seem to have, not going to know until we try.

I have managed to get a hold of a couple of inserters at no cost, all I can put it down to is I must have smiled nicely over the phone. I agree I wouldn’t be paying for them at $60 each. The ‘back-up’ sets I carry with me and have stashed around the place are all Silhouettes simply because they are simple to insert and don’t require any additional devices although manually inserting a Quick-Set doesn’t seem complicated.


In my experience…quicksets=@%#@!* (sorry to those of you that know and love them)