Review of Tiniboy lancets

I just posted a review of the new Tiniboy lancets on my DiabetesDaily blog. It’s got pictures showing the size of the Tiniboy versus OneTouch, FreeStyle and BD Ultra-Fine lancets.

Here's a sample picture from the full post showing the Tiniboy on the right compared to a OneTouch UltraSoft lancet on the left. Click on the picture to see a much bigger version - then the difference between the two lancets is striking.

If you've got children, I think you should check these lancets out.

Wow, that’s itty.

Big difference!

Are they on the market, if so where can they be found? Some needed difference!

Chele, these can be bought directly from the Tiniboy website, and at Amazon (where Tiniboy is also the seller). I’ll bet you could visit a local pharmacy and ask them to special order them for you.