Lancing Devices

What is the best cheap lancing device currently out there? The one that came with my meter I don't like and I am looking for one that works for me. Suggestions Thank you

I’m not sure… I do like the Microlet and Microlet2 ones that came with my Breeze2s. Maybe some folks in the free items forum have various spare lancing devices they could send you, if they don’t want them, or use them anymore, so you can try different ones.

I really like the Multiclix that came with my Accu Chek. I’ve had several brands of meters. Accu Chek, like the others, has free meter offers frequently. Good way to try out different lancing devices (& meters) without spending anything.

We didn’t like the one that came with the OneTouch meters so we called the company and they mailed us a complimentary lancing device called a One Touch Ultra Soft. It’s about twice the length of the regular ones, has a better spring action and seems to be less painful.

I love my renew… but it may not fall into the category of “cheap” since the lancets are NOT reusable.

Second to that I prefer the Accu-Chek softclix.

Hi Pauly,

Whatever I got with my testing unit has always worked fine for me. I’ve never paid for one, ever. You could probably get various samples/freebies from your endo’s office, or from your diabetes educator. Of course, you have to pay for the office visit to be there and get your freebie, so maybe it’s not “free”…

In my old days on shots, I would sometimes use the syringe to prick my finger and then use it to deliver a bolus. Not elegant, but it worked.

Cheers, Mike

I love the Accu-Check Multiclix - not particularly cheap - around $25 in the drug store but lancets (if you change them - it doesn’t MAKE you change them or rotate the drum after each use) are a little more than basic lancets at around $12 a box for 102. I love this device and I have found it to be the least painful out of the ones I have tried, and since the lancets are in a drum (6 per drum), the most easy to actually change the lancet I am using other than once a year. Hahaha.

I have been using my Accu-chek Softclix since diagnosis (six years ago). I love it! So I recommend the Softclix or the Multiclix.

I used to use the One Touch meter and I think that their lancet devices are the most painful.

Like others mentioned, the best way to get a free lancet is to get a free meter. Watch for promotions or ask your diabetes educator or endo.