Anyone tried the OneTouch Delica?

I saw this new lancing device from OneTouch and I was wondering if anyone has tried it. I was about to ask my endo for a scrip to use the multiclix but, if OneTouch is finally making something comparable I won’t bother. It is not on the OneTouch website but, Diabetic promotions has it and I saw it at Walgreens. Why would they not tell anyone about it???

I just called OneTouch the lancing needle is smaller 33g vs 28g. They also said it is so new it is not listed on the site.

From what I understand it’s NOT like the multiclix, it’s more like the softclix (proprietary lancets, single, not in a drum)

I could be wrong though… I do intend to get one to try when I can buy one without having to order it.

I called OneTouch and asked them about it they said they will send me one for free when their promotional batch comes in. You may want to try that before spending the money.

I just received mine in the mail this week (I’m Canadian–things are released later here than in the U.S.). I absolutely love it! The lancing motion is so much smoother (and quieter!) and it is a lot less painful, as advertised. Plus, it looks nice.

Believe it or not I just got mine a few weeks ago but, I just got my script for it and I love it. It’s much less painful. I really like the thinner lancets…