Rite Aid Offers Screen Again - But Where is the HbA1c?

Kudos again to Rite Aid for offering free screening this November 2, 3, and 4th (Click here for more info). They have teamed up with the ADA to offer:

Diabetes Solutions Day

Stop in for a chance to win a $50 Rite Aid gift card, plus free advice and offers.

  • free blood glucose, total cholesterol, and blood pressure screenings available
  • personal pharmacist consultations
  • glucose meter selection and training
  • free diabetes risk assessment
  • free samples, savings and more
  • flu and pneumonia shots available for a fee while supplies last

In a strange twist, they are only offering blood glucose testing. Last year they offered free HbA1c testing with HbA1c Now. Although some believe the home tests are inaccurate (critique of the HbA1c home tests), it was "free." This year, in a strange twist of fate, now that the ADA has started pushing the HbA1c for screening and diagnosis, they are now only doing "free glucose testing." They are also offering a free diabetes guide developed by the ADA . Although the guide is not too bad it continues to perpetuate the falsehood that you get diabetes because you are a fat slob.

Last year, I took advantage of their screening to have my HbA1c tested and it was within a few tenths of what I expected.

I doubt I will go this year, but I will pass around the information.

What do you think about this outreach effort by Rite Aid/ADA? Is it useful? Would you go? Would you recommend it to others? What would you suggest they do to change it?

Personally, I think the involvement of the ADA in many things Diabetes related is becoming detrimental… as they are being labeled as “the” go to authority for everything Diabetes, instead of the appropriate people – the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. They ADA are NOT doctors. They are a fund raising organization which has a board benefiting a lot from big pharma, and who is set in it’s outdated ways… Why would anyone in this day and age recommend anyone that it is okay to be at 180 two hours after eating?? I have NEVER understood why such an organization is being labeled as if they were the main authority on Diabetes. It’s such a big frustration to me. This is why I strongly feel that the “let’s fix what we have” approach may not be good enough, and some Diabetics may need to stand up to the plate, and help make new organizations that do listen to us, and do take actual medical data, and meet our needs… The ADA is not all horrible, especially when it comes to some research… but they have far outlived their use to the every day patient.

OMG! JohnG, you are right. I had my HbA1c tested at Walgreens last year, not Rite Aid. Getting old s*cks. My memory is obviously fading.

And I feel torn being asked constantly to give money to the ADA. My brother rides in the Tour de Cure and I feel conflicted. In truth, there is no real diabetes charity that is focused on the patient.

I think the companies need to receive the word that this kind of charade isn’t “free glucose testing”. The definition includes the A1c now.
Any time of the day and who knows what kind of counseling can be done as follow up when it may be after a candy bar the person has forgotten about. I was asked to participate in it, and I said no. If it’s going to be any time of the day, let’s push the A1c. It’s not being honest with those who just might be diabetic and with those who just might not be diabetic. A glucose test is not free screening. Screening for what?

Not a particularly useful campaign. A1c testing would be more informative. Given the ADA standard, someone with high BG from a random test will probably be told he/she is just fine. I’m with the others on the ADA.

No point in testing cholesterol without it being a fasting test.

CVS also had a free A1C Now test this past March.

Well, I guess I disagree (somewhat). Given the current situation, my bet is that there are quite a number of people walking who will have a random blood glucose test > 200 mg/dl and Blammo, diabetes. Fasting won’t matter. As to the cholesterol test, it is my understanding that the HDL and LDL are not significantly affected by whether you are fasting, it is primarily the triglycerides which have a large transient surge when you eat. So if you believe that all that matters is LDL than you can just give a random cholesterol test.

I read CVS is doing A1c testing through Nov this year

You’re right, now through Nov 25: