HbA1c Home Test Kits


Hi All,

For a while I was able to purchase a home test kit call a ChoiceDM HbA1c test kit at WalMart, they were also available at Walgreens.

Then they disappeared.

I found them useful & very accurate (I always did one within minutes of my lab, the results were within a decimal point or two).

Anyone know what happened to them?


Dear Manny,

Please see:



Dave for some reason that link will not open for me.



Yep! Same here, Dave.


The company that manufactured the home A1c test kits was acquired by Bayer last year. I was in discussion with them about sponsoring my website re: the NYC involuntary hemoglobin A1c registry, but then stopped hearing from them once Bayer stepped in. Truthfully, the technology was OK, but had critics that it was not always consistent with lab test results. Perhaps they have elected to address these issues, then reintroduce the product once the issues have been addressed.


This is a repost via link to a similar discussion at CWD forum that describes the latest in home A1c testing:

I do the research thing with t1 and t2 patients. Also dad of an 8yr old w t1/celiac. In the referenced post I describe the new HomeCheck which combines a hematology screening followed by a highly accurate and precise A1c.

I also posted a couple of relevant blog entries recently at challengediabetes.com