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For those who use this amazing insulin pump or are interested in know something about it.


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I know, it's frustrating. I'm due for a new pump soon.

Marie would you laugh if im saying im overdue for some new technology already? ;)

I just had to get a new computer, it has Windows7 and I'm not sure if the Palm desktop software is compatible. I feel clueless and frustrated. when I hit hotsynch on the Palm, the computer makes a lot of noises but I don't get any error messages.

looking around the internet for some assistance with my Palm and windows 7, here is what is suggested

I guess I'm going to not be using my Palm pilot anymore. this is too difficult. I don't even understand half of what they're talking about.

What type of Cell phone do you have. There are quite a few app for the ipone and androde that do the samething as the palm. I found the better as I didn't have to care an extra device with me every were I went.

I don't have a smartphone or iphone. I think I'm just going to use the palm when I need a bolus calculator, and then when I want to make reports for the doc, upload everything with the smartpix. I guess I'm hopelessly in the dark with a lot of technology.

The accuchek_us Aviva Nano SmartView is officially released as of Mon. but haven't seen it yet at pharmacies

Aviva Nano SmartView officially released in US on Mon. 4/16/2012.

Overall I am very happy with the Customer Care folks @ Roche. They normally seem to "get it" when I call every 18 months or so, or when I call to re-order supplies and can't remember my customer ID number, but.....

I called the other day because I was low and couldn't figure out how to work the multiclix device. I don't normally use the multiclix, but I was using my back-up meter and it has the multiclix in the case.

While I am trying to work my way through the phone menu system, I finally get a rep who puts me through a battery of questions. I stop her when she asks for the S/N of the meter.

In thinking about this interaction days later, I realize the thing that irked me MOST about the call was this question:

Are you still taking insulin?


Why is this a question?

End of rant - thanks

Hi Mike,

I hear you, and I'm sorry about that.

I checked with Customer Care and apparently they were having some database access issues recently, which meant they had to ask more questions than usual.

I'm still looking into that particular question about the insulin. I'll let you know when I hear back.

In the meantime, have a good day. We'll try to do better next time. :-)

Kind regards,


Rob, can you update us on what's new?

Well iv actually purchased an A-C Nano in CVS *AND* Glookoinc and Accuchek have released an IR adaptor for the Glookosync cable that allows you do download and send a pdf report on an IDevice (Ipod/Ipad).. and download your numbers.. INCLUDING the Nano (Yaaay)
Still a delay on some of the charting due to FDA (boo)

Hi Marie (and all :-))
Jake did a great job on updating! The only thing I have to add is that I will proactively update the group on this and other news as I'm able to discuss it.

Have a good day!


I only have one thing to add right now.. CVS (US) seems to be offering the Nano for 9.99 (cash price) on sale, *AND*.. (not sure how long its good for) they are giving you the money back in their virtual currency, ExtraBucks. Not sure how long its good for though. but been told its a national offer..

I do have one question for Rob however, whats up with the Roche/Dexcom co-marketing/alliance. Know about the future integration with Dex but was also hinted that Roche is selling/marketing the standalone Dex sensor and device as well... including possible offers for the sensors (out of pocket of course)Have not seen or heard anything about this or any promotional material

Does anyone know when The Combo pump will be sold in the US market. Is it Roche or FDA who seems to dragging their feet?

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the question. The product is not cleared or available for use in the U.S. market. A 510(k) submission is pending.
I'll reach out again to the group when I have any further updates.
Have a good weekend!

Thanks for the information. "Pending" really doesn't tell me too much. My current pump (Cozmo) is failing and must be replaced soon. I would love to get a Spirit Combo but don't know if the Combo is 2 or 3 months away or a year or longer away. Can you provide further clarification?