Rocky Mountains (low valleys and HIGH peaks)

70-140 Range 11/14/2010

I had friends and family over and went a little crazy. I'm human! Does it look more like the Himalayas or Rocky Mountains? Hmm..

Post your not so flatline (low and high peaks) like photo's within this discussion. I personally like to show photo's like the above because my life (even though it may seem to some) is not always 104 mg/dl 24/7. I'm trying to learn from these trends/photo's too. What did I do wrong?

You know, Ive got the MM 722 and maybe 2 years ago I had the MM CGMS, but I just cant recall what the middle line represents number wise. Maybe 80-120?

None the less, this is post Eastover and it looks like a small chocolate bunny and brisket got you too, although if I may say, I think you handled it wonderfully! Great looking holiday trend, Natalie!

Dear Chef Onesaint- This belongs in the Rollercoaster discussion!!! I know, that probably looked like a giant mountain in your eyes :wink: Nice comeback. Should we call you the BG Avenger?

LOL. Thanks all. I know its a mole hill, but relative to how tight I try to keep things I was hurling units at my BG. Maybe 8u total, which is just shy of a whole days bolus for me.

I suspect 170s is starting to look like a huge mountain to us all! Long Live the Flatliners! =^D

Thanks funny, I was just htinking about that the other day. How am I supposed to micro manage my BGs while Im asleep???

Not sure what you mean by middle line number wise. There are 2 horizontal lines, and mine are set from 50 - 120. Vertical lines are time increments of 6 hours. Top of the field (no line) is 300.

I’m just hoping that what I BELIEVE to be true is actually true – a high is not so dangerous if you correct it promptly. I was up until 3 AM, because I just couldn’t sleep, and that’s as good a time as any to correct a high. :slight_smile: That’s why you see so many little bolus lines (including double ones!) during the night.

You are confusing luck with skill! I haven’t got a clue as to why they sometimes come out good, and sometimes not. But I AM working on it! :slight_smile:

Thanks, its been a while since I used the MM CGM. Middle line was the 120 you set. As I recall the black is night and the non black, day.

Im not sure about the high thing and where it fits into my theories on good vs. bad. Normies (PWoD) have PPs of up to 160, right? Then again, Normies dont have spikes into the 300s like weve all had. So, its kind of one half dozen and the other. My personal theory, never mind the high, just get that #$@% back down and keep it flat as you can. Hopefully that will allow the body to not have to pay any attention to BGs to the point that it can fix all the other stuff that has gone wrong. =^)

Im with you on the “good a time as any” at 3 am.

With the CGM, I’ve definitely pinned down the fact that as soon as I get vertical, my BG rises. And, interestingly enough, when I get horizontal, it falls. Doesn’t matter what time of day, as I’m a cat-napper. So you do what you have to.

Thanks, Kate! I’ve gotten more or less back to where I want to be this afternoon, and hope to have a marvelous picture to post tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it, Natalie! I hope your Tuesday goes flat also :slight_smile:

Just enough Insulin to make it through the night…but not enough to tame DP!!

Wow, the night line is beautiful! Then you get screwed up by that ratty DP! :frowning: Are you on shots or a pump? With a pump, you can adjust your basal to take care of it, but it’s a lot harder on shots.

Fantastic night trend! If you woke up at the same time every morning Id say change the 9AM basal, but… =^)

I am actually on a pump, but I haven’t had a regular bedtime or waking time probably since high school! I sleep based on when I have to wake for work and that can range from needing to be at work from 4am to 4pm!

So, very hard to make any adjustments and I normally catch it by making breakfast right when I get up. Maybe I should change my set the night before when I only have 9 units!

Yes, sometimes I dream of the 9a-5p world!!

And I actually didn’t sit at 120 all night. I had ice cream last night and it went well until I fell sleep and the combo bolus ended. Spiked to about 180, corrected and landed at 120.

Sounds like a wild night with no Vodka. DId you actually run out of insulin? If so thats a total catch 22. On one hand if you change your set the night before and catch a bad location then youll spike while sleeping, but if you wait till morning you chance running out of insulin. Either way you have to close your eyes nad jump right in.

I will often just change the reservoir at night to ensure I have enough insulin to last the night. Then the next morning change the infusion set. This works really well with lour lock sets / reservoirs.

Then you’re like me, although I’m retired – but my schedule is totally erratic, and it means manually adjusting for when you get up. And yes, having enough insulin in the pump REALLY helps – I’ve done that before, too! :slight_smile:

Ah, what a brilliant idea!!! I never thought of that! Sometimes you need someone else to point out something so friggin obvious. I’m not forgetting that one…

I didn’t run out but I only had one unit when I woke. So normally I bolus for my food ALMOST right away as I throw my fake sausage and egg in the pan and fill the coffee pot. I am so fast at breakfast now! I manage to stop DP in it’s tracks most days. But I was severely held up by changing the set, deciding to try out the hip area again…blah blah blah =)

Awesome! I hope that trick works out. Just bare in mind you might have a small gap of air just from moving a new reservoir to the old tubing. Maybe add .3u or something.

Awesome work with the DP. Sounds like you really nailed it down as I dont really see it on your trends at all now.