Rocky Start with CGMS

My daughter and I went for cgms training last Sunday. She hates the thing!!! We were going water skiing so she took it off before we even had the chance to calibrate. It was actually good she took it off because she skied with the long rope this year!!! The force of the water on her body when she fell would probably been too much for the devise. She tried again on the way home, and took it off again within 24 hours because it hurt. She reluctantly tried again. The third time seemed to be the charm, or was it that I would not let her go out with her friends Friday night unless she had the thing going!!! Teenagers, uuuggghhh. It has now been officially on for 2.5 consecutive days. In that time she has not had a number higher than the 200’s YEAH!! Later today I am going to download the data and see for the first what her blood glucose looks like every five minutes.

Manny, I propose a toast to… “hearing the whole 24 hour song” not just 8 to 10 notes.


Try using Mastisol before you put the sensor in and cover it good with IV3000 or Tegaderms. What I do is put the mastisol on my skin, a litle on the adhesive. Then I take a IV3000 and cut it in half, slide half of it up underneath where the transmitter hooks on so it is on the back side of the adhesive, then i put the other half on the front side of the sensor. Then I attach the transmitter and cover it with a full IV3000, but I put two vertically so that each one is covering half and then put a IV3000 on the top of all that horizontally. That makes an almost water tight seal and then I put a polyskin (which is not waterproof) over the top of that. I have swam for several hours at a time with mine on and havne’t had a problem. I have even removed the iv3000 when my stomach has started to itch and gave it some breathing room and then reapplied the iv3000 again. I know it sounds like a lot but as expensive as the sensors are you want to have them last.

Which cgm is she using? I wear the Dex and have worn it playing many sports and in water without incident. Is she still complaining of pain? The insertion hurts me just a bit, but not at all after that. If she is quite lean, maybe the hips are better than the tummy.