Rollercoaster day - and not my BG!

Well, not totally my BG. I called BC/BS yet again this am re: approval for my dexcom (which I’ve had for a month). They sent the check to Dexcom on Tues, I’m approved!!! Made my day, for a while anyway.

I had a dentist appointment to repair the 2 small cavities they found on Tuesday. They swore I’d be out of there on time to get to my eye doc app’t. One top, one bottom, so by the time I left both lips were drooping and drooling. I left at 2pm - my eye doc app’t was 10 min away at 2pm. Not that I wanted them to rush - and they did take me on time as usual - but I should have rescheduled.

Got numbed and dilated at the eye doc. No evidence of diabetic damage (yay!) or glaucoma, for which I have a family history. Great news! Then… BOOM… the ‘pre-cataracts’ in both eyes are interferring with my night vision enough, and ripe enough, to remove them both. So we scheduled the pre-surg appt, and both surgeries for the end of June/July. Of course one of them is the same date/time as my endo app’t. I’ll reschedule the surgery tomorrow. I also need a physical within 2 weeks of the surgery, so even though I JUST saw my PCP on Tues. I’ll have to go again.

Drove home with low BG (ate some skittles), low vision because of the dilation, drooping and drooling. Good thing I didn’t get stopped LOL

I’m being fairly successful at focusing on the positives.

Here I thought that you were at an amusement partk and road the coasters all day. Instead you were in the doctor rollercoaster!

You did have a crazy day. The cataract surgery is a piece of cake - I was really stressing before mine and didn’t believe anyone that told me that. It made a huge difference in my vision.

If they pull you over when you are like that, that is the time to demand a blood test!

LOL I must have looked like a blithering idiot :slight_smile: The new tropical flavored skittles are really good though!

I’m not that concerned about the surgery (I’ve had so many more complicated ones). They said it’ll take 5 minutes, amazing! Be nice to be able to actually see at night with lights in my eyes. Did it hurt? How long did it take to recover?

I will have to try the new skittles! I was just really nervous because it was my eye they were cutting and not some other body part. I don’t think it even took 5 minutes. When he said he was done, I was amazed. It did not hurt at all - they put tons of drops in your eyes before. I had mine done in Pittsburgh which is a couple hours away. I drove my sister nuts coming out of Pittsburgh because I could actually read the license plate numbers on the cars in front of us - it had been awhile since I had done that. After I got home, looking out my window I saw things I had never noticed before - I only lived in my neighborhood about 8 months before the surgery. I only had a few restrictions for a few days as far as lifting heavy things & no swimming for awhile. Recovery was pretty much instant.

Thanks Kelly! I’m reassured hearing from a real person instead of a doc.
You know I’m in N DE? Maybe we can meet some time, not TOO far!