Running a 10k with the pod

Hello all! I am a new pumper, started yesterday actually, and I am looking for tips for running a 10k with the pod. I haven’t read all the features yet but have the basics. I am going to set a temporary basal for the run but I am wondering what people do with their pdm during the race. When I was on shots I would take my meter, lancet, test strips, and some glucose with me while running. Do I need to take my pdm with me? And can I set the temp basal for a delayed start ? Does this make sense? My endo’s office suggested I reduce my basal to start 30 min prior to the race, then during the run and for 30 min after.
Thanks for the help!

You cannot set a delayed start, but if you know the exact start time, etc, then you can make a basal profile (call it 10k for instance) and then the evening before the race, switch it over to that. Then, 30 min before the race start it would automatically adjust and would extend as far as you had set it (assuming you will know your approx course finishing time).
When training, I ride and sometimes run with the pdm and test strips to check and make sure I’m getting enough glucose, etc. On race day, I’ve done all my training, so i’m pretty confident in not carrying the pdm, as long as my pre-race number is where I want it.
Since this is your first, it would be wise to carry it just in case something happens outside of ‘the plan’. Getting a hip belt (from golite, northface, camelbak, etc) that has a waterbottle holder and a small pouch may be a wise investment.

I don’t have any advice for you, just wanted to say good luck with the race, I always wish I was healthy enough to do things like that!
Good Luck!!

Thanks Alesha! Encouragement is always a good thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bradford. Good call on the 10k profile. I am meeting with my pump specialist tomorrow and I will ask her to get me set up. Goodness with all the diabetes gear I will probably need a back pack for the run. :slight_smile: But better safe than sorry!

Good luck Jamie -------------No advice from me --------I did bike about 10 miles this summer and kept bumping my basal down until I eventually turned it off until the trip was over.

Bradford’s advice seems perfect.

If you do want to carry anything with you, check out
These are great.

Does the PDM fit in the spibelt?

Thats how I carry mine while on the bike. It fits with room for test strips & lancing device…all in one neat little package. Best part of it all is that is does not bounce around.

Mike, can the belt be worn easily under clothes? I like to conceal my purse or make it hard for someone to get when we are on vacation. The belt looks like a great device to take and it wouldn’t get in the way while we are walking.

Pretty much so. When I bike, I put it on under my jersey. I love the little thing. Looks like you can not get much in it, but boy it streaches & you would be supprised.

I also carry the spi belt when I’m training (haven’t raced with it yet, but haven’t had the opportunity). Like Mike said, it fits snuggly against me and doesn’t bounce around. If I’m wearing my navigator, I carry it and some glucose gels in there. If not, I’m carrying the PDM, test strips, lancing device, and some gels. It looks small until you start stuffing :slight_smile: