Running after chemo round #10

Today, I successfully ran a 5k race after 10 rounds of chemo. I was definitely feeling it but I completed the 5k. The race in Denver was the Undy 5000 for the colon cancer alliance. My team “Fight Brian’s Cancer”, raised over $2200 for the event.
It was another beautiful day in Colorado and everyone had a great time. Life is good!


You are amazing.


I’ll double Jim’s WOW and raise him one. Gosh Brian…I don’t know how you managed that but hey you’re the Light!!! Good for you. Keep up the Good Fight. :slight_smile:


Big hugs! Fantastic!

Hope you know you’re making the rest of us who couldn’t run 5k with the devil chasing us & not having chemo look bad:)


and for some positive vibes, cancer is possible to beat. I don’t know anything about what type of cancer you have (I just joined) but my boyfriend is 6 years cancer free from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

hope all is well =)

Besides being a heck of a good fund raiser( can you give me some of your secrets and hints ??) , someone who went through cancer treatment , a looking forward to the future person , not to forget living with diabetes 24/7 you did the Undy Run …congrats…from a fellow ( female ) person , that beat cancer 25 years ago .

amazing, you are a role model for sure

Best wishes for you

Holy crap!! That is absolutely amazing following chemo! I couldn’t do it without, let alone after! Keep being an inspiration!