Running data on MacBook AIr

Switched over a couple of weeks ago from the seven to the GEN4. It is fantastic. Has anybody been successful with running the data on a Mac?

I haven't heard of anyone getting it working yet. Works wonders on Windows machines and hopefully Dexcom is working on a solution.

Dexcom Studio will NOT work on a Mac. However, there is a workaround. Try Animas told me about them. They are cloud service to get data to prescriber offices. Sign up as an international user. Sometimes DiaSend will not work with US patients because of FDA. Also, keep asking when Dexcom will have a Mac version of Studio.

I’ve been able to run Studio on our Macs through Windows either in Bootcamp or through a virtual machine. I have only downloaded my Seven Plus so far not the Gen 4 yet. You do need Microsoft Word though to see all of your data which annoys me no end. Microsoft Word Viewer or Open Office and other word processing programs or viewers will not work with Studio.

My understanding is that because Dexcom acquired SweetSpot they plan to make the next generation of software cloud based so Mac vs Windows will be mute point. That’s why they have not developed Mac specific software. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.

I do like Diasend but Studio is better.

so bootcamp is free, have to buy windows license for 99$ is that right? I would kill myself if I had to pay any more than that to get word...

do you have to purchase windows license AND WORD?? UGGHHHHH

I have been running our omnipod stuff on an old windows 7 computer my dad pulled out of his trash for me, suppose I could just use that...

thanks, natalie

DiaSend is roughly $15 per month if your not using an Animas Pump (in which case its free I think). Also DiaSend have not yet released the updates that work with Dexcom for public use, they told me last week that this is only available in Sweden for the time being.