Rushed Pod Placement

Today while activating a new pod I accidentally clicked through all the checks (including clicking start) before having the pod placed. Needless to say when I starting hearing the clicks and knew the cannula would deploy in seconds I went into crisis mode. Short story shorter… I tore my shirt off and slapped it on my triceps right before the cannula deployed. There was no pain and seems to be working great.

Anyone else have a close call like this? Guess this is another aspect I never had to consider with my old pump; still much happier with OmniPod though.

lol I would have freaked out!

the only thing I have a tendancy to do is try to prime the pod without insulin in it then i`m like oh no oh no hurry up insulin get in the pod. it usually works out okay for me. I`m sure all of us have rushed throgh changing a pod a couple of times

I made this mistake once when starting on the pod and was really annoyed.

Another mistake I made was answer "no" to the question about "Has the cannula inserted correctly" ? If you answer "no" , it disables the pod permanently and you have to fill a new one.

Oh no, that mistake would make me feel terrible.

Yep, happened to me once. Slammed it right on my arm just as it fired. Hurt like hell! But the pod worked just fine through it's normal run.

LOL! Take your time folks!

Bummer!!! You'd think that would be a place where they'd make you confirm it a bunch of times, but it probably isn't, huh? I really don't like that question about the cannula, anyway. I can hardly ever see it, and I definitely can't if I'm wearing it on my back. Shoot.