Rusty the river rat!

Newby on the site; river-rat for ten years!
Posted by Rusty on August 17, 2012 at 2:31pmView Blog
Just joined this website, and love it! So much information and support for us "sweet" people!
First, let me tell you about myself, as if we were at a cocktail party, and only had a few minutes in passing.
I am 71, and sometimes feel it, but after having Type 2 diabetes for 20 years, am happy to also feel much younger, early in the mornings! Me and my favorite sidekick, Windy, live on a houseboat on the TN River near Chattanooga, TN. I bought this boat after retiring from flying as an airline pilot for 35 years. After all those years in a very small cockpit with one or two other people, it seems huge!
I was able to fly for ten years after the diabetes discovery by diet and exercise. Only after retirement did I discover I was not acting in my best interests by not working harder at controlling my blood glucose. OK, wake up call, going on the shots of insulin at age 68. I had told my Dr., mention insulin shots again, and I will find another doctor! Dumb and dumber, that was me.
Now, much older, with the "right" numbers for the medicare requirements, I am starting on the pump.
I feel much better already, just knowing that I am joining a group of people with much more experience
at surviving this life changing disease. Guess you would say I am late to the party, but here to the end!
Pumping is a big step, but I like computers and reading manuals, so upwards and forward to a longer life.
Windy, my companion, will just have to learn to "lick" a slightly less sweeter Master! Sure, she is just a "dog", but has been a sole mate for five years, here, during my life on the boat.
Nothing like a dog friend, to get you up and out, early in the morning's light for a brisk walk.
If you made it this far in my attempt to blog my life, have a wonderful day! Rusty

Glad you joined us. This is a great place to be. Love your laid back life style. It is truly beautiful in that part of the country.

Welcome to the family Rusty! Sounds as if you're getting things well under control. I'm also a dog person (3 Jack Russell Terriers at the moment); they are the best! Don't believe there is such a thing as 'just a dog'.

Feel free to join us in chat some time.

Your wrong jtrpup; Border Collies are the best! LOL

Welcome Rusty. Sounds an idyllic life on the river. Poodles are pretty cute too.

LOL Unknown and P ;) Think I'll start a thread where we can all post pics of our 'best' dogs ;)

Actually meant dogs in general are the best, but I'll take on the challenge LOL

JRTPUP, Hello there! My sister had two JRT's and they were very sweet dogs, but they didn't like me ringing her door bell! That was always good for a barking session! Of course, I continued to ring that bell, just because I was a "mean" older brother!