Wow the things I have learned here

This is my first "blog" here and I pretty much wanted to say thanks for teaching me things I have never learned in 37 years with D. Thanks for answering my questions and offering support. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to vent or celebrate or offer my advice when I thought I had something useful to say. The direct results of this site for me are: my last A1C was 6.4 up slightly from 6.1 but certainly not horrible, I have applied for my 25 year "certificate of achievement" from the Joslin and am now in their system for my 50 year medal,I have learned what exactly is in the insulin I take 5-6 times a day, I have learned I don't have to settle for crappy blood sugars I can actually do something about them, I dumped my useless endo and now have a new one who I am hoping will work out, but if she doesn't it's ok I'll find another one, I'm considering a pump something I never thought I would do, I called my Mom the other day to say thanks for not babying me when I was initially diagnosed because it made me be independent and take care of myself, I thanked my husband for saving my life more than once, I lost 12 pounds and it wasn't that hard. While I can't say I am happy to be a PWD, I am really happy to be a member of this community.

Clare, I think you've spoken for how so many of us feel about this 'family'. So glad you joined us, each one of us makes a difference for the others!

Congrats on all the successes!

Here here and Hip Hip-Hop Hurray!! JRTPUP and Clare: I can certainly relate and agree. Tudiabetes is wonderful.

God Bless,

Thanks I appreciate the comments. And jr how many Jack Russell's (sorry Parson Russell Terriers) do you have ? I have 1 mutt terrier who has some Jack in him.

Clare, nope, I have Jack Russells. I am affiliated with the JRT Club of America, not AKC. I won't get on my soapbox, but AKC has turned them into a different breed.

I have 3 at the moment. Chaos is 12, Puck 9 and Terra 6. Puck and Terra are both out of Chaos by a different sire. They are the best! We do performance events mostly :) Do post a pic of your terrier!

I have had rat terriers for the better part of 10 years. My first 2 were pure-bred but died from weird diseases like immune mediated hemolytic anemia and long nerve disease. My current pup Cosmo I got at the shelter and besides my husband he is my soul mate. His name is Cosmo and we don't do any performances but he is a lot of fun and he is a great companion for walks in the park. Not sure exactly how to post this pic but hope it comes out. ![|640x480](upload://2YnZbS3nXREZXgqP6iRi4qGyy9L.jpeg)

Thanks Clare, what a cutie. That face says "I am a TERRIER" LOL

More like I am a Terror ! Lol

LOL! Some pics of mine on my page if you're interested.

LOve your post and I absolutely agree that this place is a source of solice for us all. I have supportive friends and family but they really dont have a clue what its like or how I really feel. I have learned a lot since being here and Its always nice to meet new people, even if it isnt in person!

Thanks karebear it's nice to have a place where we all speak the same language and have a common bond even if that is D.