Sacramento Lions Diabetes Specialty Club now forming

If you would like to make a difference in fighting diabetes, you are invited you to become a member of the new Lions Diabetes Specialty Club that is being formed in the greater Sacramento Region. Lions Club is looking for service minded folks who are interested in using Lion resources to help to carry out diabetes projects in the greater Sacramento area that will focus on promoting diabetes education and awareness, meeting the needs of diabetics and their families and supporting diabetes groups with money and volunteers. If you work for or volunteer with a diabetes group or clinic or are yourself diabetic or have family members or friends with diabetes, you especially know why it is so important to be part of the solution. Joining the Lions Diabetes Specialty Club will give you the amazing opportunity to make a real difference in ways that are also fun and deeply satisfying. Lions Club is already looking ahead to establishing a diabetes camp for families at the Lions Wilderness Camp for deaf and blind children near Nevada City. They need your help to make that and other much needed diabetes related projects happen in our local area. Please contact me to learn more about this exciting opportunity.