It seems we all experience a full range of emotions just with dealing with diabetes, let alone the rest of our full lives. I think I went through the full range of emotions in a few moments as I processed my latest experience.

My primary care doctor wanted to see me after my latest blood work. I've been going to him for 5 years, and he initially made the diagnosis that I was a diabetic 2.5 years ago.

He told me my A1c was 6.0,and out of control. He said I needed to be around 5.2. I said, "but doctor, I'm a diabetic, and my A1c has gone from 6.5 to 6.0 over the past 6 months." He said, "really, oh. You don't look like a type 2 diabetic." I explained, even though I know my endo sent him the reports, that my early blood work showed the presence of antibodies indicating I was a 1.5 or LADA, not a type 2. He said, "but you don't use insulin." After a bit of discussion he said, "well, your numbers look good then. Come back in 6 months."

I'm looking for a new primary care.

...and find one QUICK.

I hear (and have experienced) so many stories like this. I could understand if diabetes was an uncommon disease that so many doctors wouldn't know diddly about it, but come on!

It is really scary how many PCP docs are walking around dispensing medical advice on diabetes when they are totally clueless. Definitely, look for a new PCP !!!

Sounds a little like the doc that diagnosed me many years ago. Having treated me for T2 for over a year one visit he looks sternly at me and warned me that if I didn't do something I was going to be diabetic. I told him that he has been treating me for D for over a year and ask if he even looked at my chart before entering the room.

I hit the door running and never looked back. Best decision I ever made.