“‪I am not in this world to make ppl sad,confused or miserable even if that’s their aim. ‬”


Osob, This is what more people in the world need:


@Jimbo31 - I wish I could give this 100 likes! Human beings were meant to be happy. It’s taken me a long time to realize this in my life. I’m not a dancer but I’ve found myself dancing with joy in the privacy of my apartment. It feels good to move in rhythm with the happy bass line that life provides.

Thank-you, @Osob. Your sentiment is wise! Happiness is a relatively simple pursuit. We just need to slow down and feel it.


Thanks Terry! You’er the Man! I throughly enjoy your posts, and thats why you are an Excellent Moderator for TUDiabetes!


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Yes I so agree.
People are miserable when they have everything.

Yes we need to dance a lot, laugh a lot more and grasp everything that life has to offer.
I am tired of people making me feel sad and misunderstood.:kiss::kiss::kiss:

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Recognizing “enough” is wisdom well-won!

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The great philosopher, Immanuel Kant, put it well when he said, “Your life does not have to be happy to have value,” since he conceived the value of life to consist in ethical probity and intellectual achievement. Once diabetes has challenged your ability to call your life ‘happy,’ I believe it is best to concentrate on achieving the other goals Kant recognized.

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I found so many holes in Kant’s arguments that I would never put him forward as my favourite philosopher.

Well, if someone says to you, I don’t care about treating other people ethically, I just want to be happy, you would find him to be a monster. So I think we might agree that on this idea at least, Kant’s point is obvious.