To spite diabetes, I carry on

Liberty lost, I wandered on, for I had not a choice. What has been taken wont be restored, but is that really a curse?

Out of shortsightedness I could lament. But what would be the benefit? If there is one call me blind, for one I cannot see. But perception’s not reality.

With that said, my certainty’s at its max. With assuredness I assert that which I truly believe to be the truth, namely, the general futility of singing endless songs of lamentation.

Although endlessly complaining is not necessarily a terrible thing - moral language is inapplicable to what we now have under discussion - the benefits are few and far between.

A life of flourishing I seek to live. A life of limitation I have gained, but a lack of freedom will not impede me from living my life to the fullest. With focus, I change that which I can.

Despite diabetes, I carry on.

To spite diabetes, I carry on.

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Hi James. If you click on "members" in the line at the top of the page, you'll find featured members. If you click on "No-sugar Added Poetry", you 'll find Emily's discussion of an international poetry day coming up in May. You most certainly could contribute to it, perhaps with your "To spite diabetes..." blog above. Best wishes, Trudy