Sailing Away

I was just talking to my neighbours out front now. They are Egyptian - such sweet little ladies. They always want to know what’s going on it in our lives. I think they live thru’ us - which is kind of sweet. One of the ladies is Type 2 - and her younger sister is always telling me how worried she is about her. So, Mike and I watch out for her when her family doesn’t come around to see her. She is intrigued by my insulin pump - and between my splattering of French and her English - we have an interesting conversation. She’s not looking too well this a.m. - am hoping she’s alright - so I may go over in abit with some fresh peppermint and make up some tea for us and see how she is doing. I know her sister says she eats bad food (define bad that is my question - I eat bad as well) - and she doesn’t test her blood sugars enough. Sigh, I want to save the world sometimes - only I’m not blond and I don’t act on the show Heroes.

So, we went on a cruise on the w/e with a few of our friends from our yacht club to a quaint little town called Waddington, New York along the St. Lawrence Seaway. This town has been around since the early 1800’s - and if memory serves me - one of the churches that I took a picture of (beautiful stained glass windows) - is the oldest in North East section of the States.

To read the rest of my blog - plus see a nice picture of the Fat Cat in the sunset in Waddington, New York - click on the following link - do not fear that you will drown - as life jackets will be handed out to those that take the adventure for this sail …

BTW - for those of you wondering - my neighbour is doing alright - she is now promising me she’ll test her BG’s more often (her sister is very happy with this!!).

Hey Anna! What a great w/e you had! Mine was spent pulling weeds in the yard. My landlady was suppose to have a landscape crew hired to do this…when they show up they just mow the lawn and leave! DiAnne, landlady, barters with some of her clients to do the work…but they never seem to do the job completely! Oh well got some sun and exercise!
Which means a couple days later I had very low bgs 59 and later 64. Today I ended up staying home from work because I woke to my PDM screaming HIGH at me when I tested this am! 10 hours later I am at 160, just out of my range(80-150). Not sure why this happened, cheese and crackers last nite before bed…bolused for the snack. I changed my pod and went to the new PDM. Figured I should try before I really need for backup. The original has new batteries, couldn’t think of what else would cause this, the pod was functioning as when removed had a bead of insulin at site on arm.
Glad your neighbor is doing better. You are a great neighbor to look out for her!
We have rain in the forecast for the w/e, okay by me because I will be working Sat. Wishing you another great sail!!

Ahhhh…thanks for the fix!! I enjoyed the virtual sailing jaunt!!!
By the by…I don’t know about Quebec…but Fluff is available here, in Ontario…perhaps it’s a language thing and you have to look for “Peluche”( as in “to fluff”) lol…or "Nuages’, since Fluff reminds me of clouds!
Happy Sails to you (what Dale Evans would have sung, had she been in a sail boat vs on a horse!)…luv, linda.