Salt, Salt, Everywhere

Maybe it is just me but this year it seems to me that there is more salt (sodium) in commercial foods than I have noticed in the past. Examples include frozen vegetables (which I thought would be less salty than canned), refried beans in Mexican restaurants, and recently, a loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread fresh out of the oven at a big Farmers Market.

And these are just a few examples of many foods that have not tasted extra salty to me in the past. And, no, I have never added salt to my foods or added much salt in cooking so I have not changed my salt intake habits.

I have wondered if food sellers and cooks/chefs are adding more sodium for some reason. Or maybe my taste buds have suddenly gone weird for salt. It started the first of this year.
However, I had lunch with a couple recently, and they both said the very same thing about foods tasting saltier than previously. Others at the lunch did not have that experience. So, who knows?

I have been making everything from scratch for many years, even before diabetes. That way you can control the sodium. Even fresh veggies have natural sodium in them so the frozen veggies may not have added sodium. You do need some sodium to live. I find without processed food sometimes I need to add addional salt. You can make your own refried beans with dried beans to limit the salt.

I know when I eat restaurant food it tastes way too salty for me.