Article about salt intake and association with T2D and LADA

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I saw this article and wanted to pass it on.

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First time I’ve heard sodium linked to diabetes! Thanks for sharing. :smile:

Not sure I care!..

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I have type 2 and CKD, chronic kidney disease which has a diabetic base. So I have to control my sugar, but more importantly, my sodium intake which only worsens my kidneys getting me closer to dialysis.
Most recipes I see, even here, have salt. Any good diabetic recipes without salt? Don’t know what to do. Feel very limited in my options. For me, kidney failure is more of a concern than my diabetes.

You don’t have to include the salt in recipes, it is not an essential ingredient. I didn’t add salt for years, just because I was told salt would make my blood pressure high. Now I have diabetes I am told to add a little salt back into my diet! Who knows.
Can you add some spices to put the flavour back into your food? There are a whole lot of recipes and recipe books you can get for kidney disease here, you may find some accord with what your medical advice has been.