San Francisco Diabetes Supplies

I am currently in Berkeley, San Francisco and am interested to see what supplies are available over here. Anyone near here who could tell me where the best places to go see? Many thanks in advance.

What sort of supplies are you talking about, latvianchick? Many things here require prescriptions. You can buy glucose tablets, test strips and testing meters and lancets as well as home A1C kits without a prescription, but the test strips are quite expensive compared to insurance. Any large pharmacy such as Walgreens or Longs has these things. WalMart has much cheaper supplies but I really don’t know where the nearest one is (I live in Berkeley where we don’t allow stores like WalMart…lol. If you use an accu-chek, let me know as I have some test strips I don’t need and would give you, as well as an accu-check aviva if you need one. You can buy the older types of insulin without prescription such as NPH and Regular, but not the newer ones. Let me know any other questions, and if you are still here 2/5 come to our Type 1 Women’s support group at the West Branch of the Berkeley Library, 1125 University Avenue just E of San Pablo. The group starts at 11AM.

Btw, Berkeley is not part of San Francisco; lots of water between the two…lol

Zoe, unfortunately if the meeting is on the 5th February I will be unable to attend, which is a big disappointment to me as I fly back to England on 31 January.

The things I am interested in buying would be things like glucose key chains, glucose grabs, diabetes keyrings for attaching to bags etc identifying people as diabetics, etc, and diabetes purses (handbags in UK!). You seem to have far more lifestyle aids than we have in the UK and as I am visiting my sister here in Berkeley I thought it would be a good opportunity to check out what is available.

That is another thing we are short of in England, or in some parts, and that is support. I will at some point be travelling into San Francisco proper and perhaps might find something there, just thought it would be a good idea to ask if anyone knows of anywhere! Thanks for the invite though.

The nearest Walmart to Berkeley is in Oakland. You can also try Target for the common supplies Zoe mentioned. Candies like Smarties and Sweetarts are available (usually seasonally) as an alternative to glucose. Look for candies with Dextrose as a sweetener. (Dextrose = glucose.) You can always order your own custom made dog tags online. Another option (and I know this sounds funny, but it works) is to go to a major pet supply store like Petsmart or Petco and have metal tags custom made. Attach these tags to anything with pieces of yarn or twine. I’ve never seen a diabetes purse or handbag. There are many purses to choose from at Target or Walmart. I hope this helps.