Saturday and all that

Waking up to a blood sugar reading of 4.9 should make me feel great no biscuits no puddings just mt tea liver with onions and mashed potatoes all from the chilled counter in Asda total cost for meal £3 the wife had a pitza again from th Asda I hope someone from Asda is reading this send the freebies to my email address.

Do not have live very often but you get a craving for something and until it is satisfied there is no peace in your mind, my blood sugar rerading before going to bed was 8.5 at 17.25 shortly after having my tea at 6.30pm, if I could have this sort of reading every morning I could concentrate on keeping it below 7 for the rest of the day.

I f you are anything like me and I hope you are not keeping the hunger pains away is no easy task it has become a bit better with the dosage of victoza but I still get them about 10am in the morning keeping a constant blood sugar level within the targets set by the doctor is difficult near impossible somedays.

Probably being on my own all day long during the week is no help no one to give you hat bit of encouragement or to cheer you on when you are doing well, again I am that sort of person low in self will who ever he is and responds good to a pat on the back, it has been an awfully long time since anyone has said good job keep it up.

When I worked for the loval council I had a job which meant looking after supervisors and monitoring external contractors which I really loved the power the authority over life and death only joking, but being stretched and having to think on your feet kept me mentally awake, these days there is no such stimulent.

You can probably tell from my spelling my former secondary modern education left a lot to be desired, my head still feels fuzzy taken my morning medication all 10 pills for heart prostrate and diabetis, the sun is shinning so I should be on top of the world but I am not, I can feel that little devil depression trying to take hold it needs excersising and not the type you take for a long walk or run as if I could .

My toes are cold very cold but the heating is on it is 8.02 now so time for my dosage of victoza here goes, all done only insulin to inject with breakfast not hungry righ now but cannto let blood sugar level drop anymore otherwise get a hypo not recommended.

Could do with some good news like a lottery win premium bond win or a competition win something just to lift my spirits, all this feeling and emotion and it is only 8.10 am it is going to be a long long day.