That was the week that was

My morning blood readings are getting a bit too high, this is due in part to my meals having been all over the place since friday, friday evening it was the sons 40th birthday so party food the usual pork pie curry chicken home made salad scotch eggs, hard boiled eggs covered in sausage meat bread crumbs.

I did not eat a lot not enought for a good meal to keep me going just picked at my food, saturday was even worse 2 slices of toast in the morning some new fantangled thing the wife bought for dinner, get this UGOS hot and crispy panini chargrilled chicken and mozzarella and pesto heat it up in the micro wave for a couple of minutes as with most microwave stuff I never get the timing right who does.

Tea we had fish and chips really good diabetic meal I only had half of mine did not feel too good well who would after fish and chips, so as you can see not a really good food day for me, but I remember when I was a kid growing up food was scarce and when it was put in front of you, whatever it was you got it down you as quick as you could.

O ver the past week my morning readings have been

15th 8.1 evening 6.9

16th 7.2 7.1

17th 5.5 7.3

18th 6.3 7.9

19th 6.5 7.2

20th 6.6 7.3

21st 8.6 5.7

Mid day seems to be the problem readings of 8 to 11 the victoza has certainy helped no very high readings 13 to 19 so it must be working I have to do more to sort it out seeing the diabetic specialist in 5 weeks blood tests you know the drill.

During the past week I have had 2 hypo's and lots of tummy rumblings hickups and a lot of wind could just be the time of year but I suspect the victoza is levelling off.