Day 6 on Victoza the SAGA continues

Woke up this morning as cheerful as a squirrel who has found his horde of hidden nuts, got out of bed no craving for food even the cat seemed happy to see me up and about, when I went to bed last night my blood sugar reading was 6.3 and I was nervy incase it dropped too low during the night.

As soonas I got up I took a reading and it was 5.6 and I didnt feel hypo I usually do a bit weak legged a little confussed not really myself but this morning non of that, perhaps it's just a false sense of security I hope not, I have been up for one hour and a half so far and I still feel ok.

Cutting my daily units of insulin does seem to be working I was a bit aprehensive is it one p or two wish I had got a good education it does help a lot if you can spell and use the written launguage properly, anyway taken my morning pills all ten of them for heart failure prostrate etc, but still feel good.

I do not feel hungry in fact I had to force myself to eat yesterday the hunger bug has vanished looking forward to loosing a bit of weight so I get into my trousers without a struggle, not funny being overweight obese is the word but I don't like that at all, porkey plump even fat I can put up with but obese it sounds so clinical so off handish.

Sore face is taking it's time to go using e45 cream it is like a razor burn wish I really knew how to get rid of it skin peeling in some places not nice to talk about around the kitchen table.

Probably one of the side effects of my medication who knows who cares except myself and family, carry on testing see if I an keep up the good work well the victoza can anyway bye for now good testing Raymond