Saxenda experiences and versus trulicity

Hello very grateful for this forum and the opportunity for information and support.

I have been on Trulicity for approx 6 months, prescribed by endo. It is very effective for me, morning bg in the 70 s and 80s. A different endo in my community who specializes more in weight loss suggested a switch to Saxenda .

Can any one speak to their experiences with Saxenda? I’ve had very little if any side effects from trulicity. I understand Saxenda is a daily injection
Thank you

Saxenda is liraglutide, it is Victoza re-branded as a weight loss drug and given in a higher dose. . Saxenda, like Victoza, is taken once a day instead of once a week like Trulicity. Saxenda is the same class of drug as Trulicity with similar side effects.

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Saxenda sounds like a kingdom where all the sax players were banished!

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It is weird

Oooh, I love rebranding based on side effects! Blood pressure med begat Viagra, glaucoma drops begat eyelash lengthening drops, antidepressants begat Chantix–where will it end?

Well. I get your point. Good dose of reality. I do so want to loose weight I guess they have found a weak spot / marketing angle

They didn’t rebrand based on side-effects. They rebranded based on the effectiveness with weight-loss and because insurances, like mine, wouldn’t/weren’t covering Victoza for weight-loss. They have identical side-effects (Victoza and Saxenda - dose-equivalent, that is). Victoza is simply the same med as Saxenda but marketed for A1C control and Saxenda is the same med as Victoza (but can be given at a higher dose if desired) but marketed for weight-loss. End of story. :slight_smile:

You. My insurance is covering none of it. So back to
Drawing board

That’s actually known as the isle of misfit sax players.

Area 51 is where they made the saxophones.

I switched to drums.

there is a coupon for Victoza and may be one for this. I use the coupon and only 25 per month.