Scales for Measuring Carbs

We have had the most amazing scale when it came to measuring carbohydrates in our daughters food. Problem is it is 6 years old and has died on us. We can’t find one anywhere. I have attached a picture below. If you know of where I can get one, or perhaps recommend another brand, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

I started weighing my food when I was first diagnosed. Then I learned to estimate carb content. At first it was a 15 carb system.

So half a banana is 15 carbs. One small serving of rice is also 15. But you need to learn how to eyeball it.

Eventually she is going to have to learn to estimate it because she won’t always be eating at home.
It’s a skill we should all have and practice.

There are carb counting seminars and classes.

I can look at a plate of food and estimate the carb content pretty darn close every time as long as I know what’s in it . Sauces can throw you off.

You might be surprised how well she will do without weighing her food and estimating instead.

She will be able to eat at friends homes and at restaurants w her friends and be confident she can properly dose it all on her own without anyone knowing she’s making calculations.

Here is one in the mean time

This is what we have been doing. Might as well keep doing it.

Here is the one I use. I don’t use it often, but mostly when I make new recipes. I think you will find it has everything you are looking for. It is reliable and inexpensive

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If you want the identical scale you have new:

or used:

this seems close?

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I have one of these. I don’t use it often as I know the carb count of most of the foods I eat. I have a very limited diet, but it works for me. has the Kitrics kitchen scale that you are looking for.