Future pregnancy

I just want to know how scary or dangerous it can be for a diabetic to be pregnant? My doctor keep telling me that it’s VERY high risk and have me really scared. So I think I want to ask people we HAVE been there and done that and not make it so scary. “Even though I’m not planning on have kids for another 4-6 years…lol”. I just like looking into things before head.

As I understand it, as long as your a1c number is under 7 you should be ok. I am still worried also. I plan to talk with my doctors soon to see what risks are involved and what actions I need to start taking in order to be ready in the next year or so. This group has been really helpful to make me feel like it is actually possible, though. So, I think you are in the right place!

Thanks a lot because this was my #1 concern. I’m starting to not be so up tight about it.

My doctor required that my A1C be under 6 - and I recommend getting a strict doctor! Having a baby regardless of Type 1 is so important and having good discipline is key. I have to write down everything I eat and when, every bolus of insulin, what and when I exercise…basically write down your day and then chart it with your blood sugar levels 12 times a day! Its a full time job but the sugar control is soooo important. Dexcom helps alot! I recommend practicing that at least 3 months before pregnancy. Thats the stage I am at now - so when we get pregnant…I have my routine set and the transition is not so hard. I also have strict eating requirements - 15 carb breakfast - 30 carb lunch and dinner and 15 carb snacks a couple times a day. Its tough at first…but you get used to it and the best part is that you and the baby will be healthy. Good luck!

I spent about six months pretending I was pregnant - meaning testing frequently before and at 1- and 2- hours after meals, eating healthily, taking pre-natal vitamins, shooting for pregnancy blood sugar targets. My A1c was 6.1 when my endo cleared me to start trying. Then it took another 9 months (still taking care of myself) to actually get pregnant. By the time a baby was on board, my regimen was controlled and my numbers were great. I did not limit carbs except at breakfast (which works better for me anyway) and did not incorporate any exercise. My targets were to be 80-90 mg/dL pre-meal and to try to never go above 140 (which was hard - more often I could keep it under 160-180 at least) at one hour after a meal.

My Navigator cgms helped me control spikes and dips, and frequent sonograms (12 total) throughout the pregnancy calmed my fears about how the baby was developing. At every turn, she was growing beautifully. I treated highs as soon as I caught them and changed my insulin dosages often to accommodate hormonal changes. Baby was born two weeks ago, healthy and perfect. :slight_smile:

check out www.diabeticmommy.com :slight_smile: it will help

I came back from the endo today, the bf and I are looking ahead to baby making. My A1c is nowhere near good (7.9 improved from 9.2) so the doc told me she wont discuss the next step until I can get my a1c to 6.2 and shes giving me 8 weeks (she figures if im serious Id bust my ass to achieve it). She also wants me to continue to lose weight (im a chubby t1 to say the least).

so really be prepared to write down everything you eat, everything you bolus, every correction, and every blood sugar and site change and exercise, etc, in full detail.

Thanks everyone! All this info is great! Me and my bf just want to be prepared for when we graduate from college and don’t let stuff surprise us. I feel like the sooner I start to treat myself that I want a “baby” the better prepare and healthier child we will have. Right now I am NO where near ready to have a baby. My A1C’s are so high so I’m working on that alone. My A1C is 9.9 last time I had a doc appointment. I know if like having a full time job so I was wondering how hard it is to maintain a full time job for a woman being diabetic? My doc claims that it is sometime hard to have a job because of all the appointments you must have and how strict you have to be with eating and everything.

I work full time and Im enrolled in 15 credits in university right now. It takes a lot of dedication to yourself, but I dont have an issue unless I fall off the 'betes wagon and eat crappy and not write things down.

You can do it :slight_smile:

I completely agree with all the comments. Especially Sarah’s about writing everything down. I HATE logging what I eat and my blood sugars, but I’m doing it. I’m trying to do what Melissa suggested and pretend like I am pregnant now. It helps to get in good habits before pregnancy.

It has taken me a few years to get better control. SO it’s great that you are thinking ahead.

I have an endo appointment on Wednesday with a new doctor… we’ll see how far I am from a “green light”!