I dont know if i started something like this but, where do you go to school and do you like it there? any crazy stories?

I go to Wayne State University in Detroit, Mi. At first everyone feared for my life since gasp im a white girl going to school in the “hood”. They realized i could handle myself when I caught a guy going thru my car redhanded (i caught him going thru my trunk with MY BACKPACK on his back) and i proceeded to kick the crap out of him. He took off with my stuff but the cops found it the next day…the only things he took was my prepaid cell phone (no use, had 1 minute on in and needed my password) and my bg meter! lol. I guess he must have known someone that needed help! other than that, the dean of students and I have been really friendly. I assume its because hes also on the pump…? odd. I love it here.