Screaming in Silence

Do you know me?
Are you sure?
What if I told you things you didn't want to hear?
What if I showed you things you didn't want to see?
Would you run away?
Would you condemn me?
If I were to expose myself, would you laugh or make light of it?
Would you act like you understand when you can't?
Can you just sit and listen?
Can you trust me enough to let me tell you what I need and what I want?
Will you just sit with me as I cry?
Will you stand watch as I am torn apart?
Will you be able to look me in the eye afterward, or will you shun me?
If I would reach for your hand, will you let me take hold of it?
If I would hurt your hand, will you let go of mine?
If I would try to push you away, would you leave?
I don't know the answers, so I say nothing
So I scream on the inside and wait