To Those Who Would Help

The scars on my wrists were a cry for help
The war in my mind shows I've seen too much
My struggle to live is a testament of my reality

Don't look at me with contempt in your eyes
Admit you can't imagine whats its like
Embrace the fact you'll never understand

Share your faked smiles with those who don't know better
Give me credit and do not patronize me
Save yourself before you try to save me

How uncomfortable are you when I am around?
Does knowing the little that you know about me make your skin crawl?
How hard is it for you to listen when you want to run away?

We all have deep dark secrets
Some of us have darker secerts than most
Most of those secerts will never see the light of day

Those who want to help need to understand these things:
We do want to get better
We do want to live
We do want to be loved
Not because we need help
Not because we want pity
Not because we have issues
But because we are people