Please read this

How can you hurt me like this.
Why do you try to tear me down and break my wish
you laugh and tease me, you call me names.
you think this is all just a game

see your wrong there this is no game
its a daily thing that isnt lame
you try to tear my down. but you cant. Its a game that all you haters dont get

Next time you want to call me names
think bout the pain im in
you think its nothing just a thing i do
but see that thing i do i have no choice but to do

How dare you hurt me
but just remember this
no mater wat i will beat this.
i will be strong and i do belong
in this world where all you jerks are waiting to tease me once again

you are stronger than them! remember sticks and stones.... they can say all they want they loose by cheapening themselves by teasing you, for what being who you are and dealing with D! they should be ashamed for not being better people and supporting you, YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE BETTER AND STRONGER, girl walk on, someday you will be 100 times what they are, you already are! play taylor swift's song why you got to be so mean, dance and sing and smile you are the pretty girl going places! xo amy

Anna, be glad you are not like those who torment you, nasty little minded weasels. Is it possible for you to change schools? Keep on being a brave, strong girl and dealing with this, unfair I know, but that is life. Hugs, Maureen

Anna, you are strong and beautiful and we all see it. Others will too. :) Much love!