Searching for Monoject Injectomatic auto injector

Hi, I was wondering if any old-timers have a Monoject Injectomatic auto injector they are not using.

Looks like this:

Please message me or reply here, I’m happy to pay for the item and shipping. Thanks!

That seems like the weirdest thing ever. Sure, I don’t dig seeing needles, but for a Type 1 it’s sort of a feature, not a bug.

Now, if they could just develop a Hypo-spray like on Star Trek–cool!


I can’t find any information on that device in a Google search, but when I was a kid I used to use the Inject-Ease, and it appears they are still being made:

It hides the needle and injects with a button press, but the user still has to manually deliver the medication.

I used an autojector before I started using a pump (1980-90s). It was similar to Jen’s picture, and would push in needle but also deliver the insulin. Never heard of the injectomatic. What year was that available ?

Got me. Through the 1990’s for sure.

Yeah, thanks I’ll go to that if I need to. :slight_smile: Hoping someone has one lying around.

DOn’t know anything about buying this or availability, but there is this:

I had two of these at one time, but that was a long time ago and they got pitched out. That may have been before I got an insulin injector. That device forced a spray of insulin through the skin using hydraulic pressure. The claim was that because it was finely dispersed, it would start working more quickly. In reality, I think the effect was minimal.

So, after several of these experiments, I went back to the simple disposable syringes without any extra gadgets. They seem to work just fine.

I had one, but pitched it when I got an insulin pump.
Now I am back on MDI and wish I still had it!

LOL thanks anyway!

Notice the serial number in that picture - 1012. I would not be surprised if only a few thousand were ever sold.

I had been told about them in the 80’s and 90’s but never even seen a picture until this thread. If I recall - it was intended to completely hide the pointy part of the syringe so the user never had to see?

I have seen “Autojects” and "Inject-Ease"s in the past. Those were more plastic and I think they’re still available new.

They sold them in drugstores like Walgreens back in the day. So I would assume more than 1000 sold over a couple decades.

They make the injections painless, but more importantly, they enable me to inject easily in places with one hand and without even needing to see the injection go in. I can’t do that with an insulin pen.

I am aware of the other products but they are huge and very slow to set up. My old one I can use on the fly in a restaurant and have it loaded in literally a second. And it’s 2" long.

Oh man am I embarrassed, I thought you wanted one for a museum or something!

I remember Monoject syringes like a “space capsule” each one encapsulated in a plastic shield 35 years ago.

In any event great to see you back on tudiabetes. I remember you starting a lot of good threads 7 and 8 years ago!

LOL I’m old!

Do you still need this?

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YES!! Laura, I will message you! Thanks!

OMG! Serial number 1008 meet serial number 1012. I betcha they started the numbers at 1000!


I used it, then got the autojector until I switched to pens and then pump. I am sure I have it somewhere. I may even have two! I’ll check and pm you.

I will take 1 or 2!! Let me know how we can make this happen. :slight_smile: And
THANKS for posting!


Still trying to find them. You know how it is - T1 is supplies and equipment intensive (or maybe that’s extensive - tons of stuff). I have a few boxes or bins with old stuff in the garage. I’ll probably just give them to you once I find them. Hope there isn’t a deadline - like you are an artist and want to use them in a piece of work for an upcoming exhibit