Seeking advice on Liberty Medical

If you are or were a Liberty Medical customer, I would like to hear your opinions on your interactions and service through them. My father is thinking of switching but we don’t know anyone who uses this company…well, except Wilford Brimley. Any advice and opinions you could give us would be much appreciated.

Thanks you!

WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!! Don't use them. Two weeks ago I started the process of ordering my test trips through them (when I had plenty) thinking I'd get a new supply in plenty of time. I was WRONG! Their main customer service is handled in India and Pump customer service is in Florida. I have spent almost 4 hours of my time trying to explain to them that my insurance company gave them as an option to use for test strip fulfillment. Every time I called them I was on hold forever and was transferred numerous times and then disconnected only to have to start again. It turns out they spelled my name wrong...and I always spell it to avoid that problem. I apparently have two accounts. I had to call my insurance to explain that I was having issues. My ins co called them to get it straightened out (pharmacy vs. medical benefits) and they even had issues in working with them. I thought I had it situated finally and my supplies were in route (only 50 test strips left at this point) I get a call saying that my strips weren't covered. I LOST IT!!! I then get a call from Diabetes Specialty to order my Dexcom and that process took 10 minutes. I mentioned to her the issues I was having with Liberty and she said that she can get my supplies for me. I said..."let's do it". They faxed my doctor and a few hours later my strips were ready to send out. I highly recommend them. I would not use Liberty Medical if my life depended on it!

Diabetes Specialty Center
Center of Excellence - Insulin Pump & CGM Technology
A subsidiary of Byram Healthcare
3793 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
To reorder supplies: 1-800-775-4372

We are contracted through them with my health insurance company and I know they get a LOT of complaints regarding their customer service, the LONG weights on the phone to get to anyone, things not being shipped correctly. If your insurance is a PPO, you have the luxury of pretty much using anyone you want. If you are an HMO, I'd contact your insurance carrier and see if they offer any other suppliers for your testing/and or pump needs. They are getting a BAD rep.

I thought those folks ( clowns) went bankrupt recently . two and 1/2 years of shere hell dealing with them.

I have used them for over a year and they have made zero mistakes, and my pump supply’s have cost me nothing. Someone at MiniMed actually turned me on to them and said I could save some money. I order sensors, infusion sets, and reservoirs from them. A year ago they where owned by Medco but Medco is now part do Express Scripts and I’m not sure Liberty Med was part of the merger.

I had heard something either they did...or were in the process but I don't know what the full details of what it was. They are starting to annoy me, I hate getting routed to India only to have to hold for 20 minutes to be told they can't help you and to route you BACK to the U.S. only to wait another 20 minutes to get someone on the line who CAN help you or to get a blasted recording that says they are experiencing extremely heavy call volumes and to leave a call back number so they can call back when its convienent for THEM.

I have been using Liberty for two years now. They have been nothing but perfect for me. They called me last week and told me that Insulet has informed them to upgrade me to the new pods, and I have a box of them in the mail right now.

I would recommend giving them a call and just see what you think. A+++ from my experiences.