Liberty Medical bankruptcy?

Am I the last person on earth to learn that Liberty Medical has been bankrupt for a while? I let my supplies run low and after trying all day to reach them, I began searching and this is one thing I found:

Law360, Chicago (April 25, 2013, 10:05 PM ET) -- Bankrupt Liberty Medical Supply Inc. has agreed to hand over its Medicare diabetes supply delivery business to Alere Inc. — along with $22.5 million — to satisfy a $40 million loan and resolve a contract dispute between the rivals, according to settlement papers filed Wednesday in Delaware.
The deal dispenses with all of Liberty Medical’s secured debt and allows the company to retain its Medicare insulin pump business, while Alere receives assets that it had bargained to acquire under the loan agreement.

Of course, my insurance company, BCBS, does not answer the phone in the evening so I must wait until tomorrow to find out how I am to get G4 and pump supplies.
Anyone else with Liberty Medical? What have you learned? I got no notice from my insurance company or from Liberty.

i had not heard this either, so I guess that makes ME the last to know. Anyway, I have always had good luck with liberty, getting most of my stuff overnight. I always have to call them to ask how much I owe because I have NEVER received a bill in over 2 years. I got a shipment on friday and there was an extra box of infusion sets. Order was right on the packing slip but they stuffed the box wrong. No bill and extra supplies can lead you to bankruptcy pretty easily...

I have BCBS as well (federal employee) and my order was all pump supplies and sensors, please let me know what you find out.

I've had Liberty for years for my test strips. And I heard nothing about any bankruptcy, either. When my supply gets low, I'll check with my ins. co. which is very good, so I'm not really worried.

I use liberty medical and am on medicare/medicaid and hacvn't heard that. I am not having a problem geting my supplies at all. In fact I just called them last week and ordered a shipment.

OK, I got through this morning after 9 am. I was so intent on getting my order in that I totally forgot to ask about the bankruptcy!! I did get a new phone number for pump supplies, however.
I did find the bankruptcy info in several places online so I know something happened. One place said that the parent company, Medco, was being sued for "allegedly failing to return overpayments from Medicare and Medicaid, which allegedly took place between 2004 and 2009."

I have been missing Medco and hating Caremark which us fed folk were switched to this year. I guess that was why. But I still don't like Caremark. Liberty Med always has done a good job for me though.

If anyone else calls Liberty Medical for supplies, perhaps you can think to ask about the future of the company. I do have an email in to a contact at Dex and will post if I get anything back from him.

Just got off the phone ordering pump pods. She offered 5 months instead of three months. Told her no in case new pods come out. Hope they are ok. I have a good experience with them.

Ellie, that is totally weird that she offered 5 months. That seems unusual given how restrictive insurance companies are. They count every IV Prep pack I get and get partial boxes or just the prep pads and IV3000 tapes thrown in the box individually to make sure I only get what Medicare will pay for. Of course, most of my stuff (cgm supplies) is paid by my supplement anyway.

Nell, I heard about the problems Liberty is having a few months ago, but my pump supplies and strips have been coming on time. They are using regular mail service instead of UPS now.

Thanks Richard. I have always gotten supplies from them very quickly. Guess I had better not delay ordering any more! I have one sensor left but it should last.

I currently work for Liberty and all is going well. Executives don’t share much about the bankruptcy with us but business seems to be booming.

arriva medical took my liberty account a year ago