Selfish...Why not give back?

Selfish... Why not give back?
It occurred to me that along with being diagnosed as a diabetic came a character trait that was less than desirable, selfishness. Most of you are probably scratching your heads trying to figure out what I just said, so I'll explain. I was diagnosed in a rather unusual manner, that is, by my mom. I was home from boarding school for a couple days, my mom being a professional diabetic for 40 yrs or so picked up on my frequent nightly bathroom breaks and as expected had me do a finger stick. 315. Diabetes. Yay. A trip to the doctor confirmed it to be type one diabetes. What happened during the following two months was very out of character for me, I became very self focused, specifically about my diabetes. Almost all decisions I made had my diabetes somewhere in the mix. While trying to familiarize myself with diabetes and all that comes with it, I found myself thinking about me more than the people around me.
This bothered me so I did some thinking and decided to take up cycling. I signed up for a charity ride called Bike4Chai, and committed to raising $3600 and to ride 175 miles over two days. That's 106 miles on day one and the remaining miles on day two. Bike4chai is a fundraising project of Chai Lifeline, an organization dedicated to helping cancer patients cope with the emotional and financial burden that comes along with diagnosis and treatment. One of their programs known as Camp Simcha, is a summer camp that allows children with cancer and other serious illnesses to experience a summer of fun and excitement that is otherwise unattainable for children suffering from such debilitating illnesses. The highlight of the ride was entering Camp Simcha and being greeted by all the campers and staff.

Why ride for cancer? Why not for diabetes?

The answer is I needed to reset my mind to focus on others, not just me and my struggles. By riding for other peoples challenges it set the record strait. It's not all about me and my diabetes. Other peoples challenges count to and it's important realize that, and do what you can to help out.

That being so I'd like to encourage you to step out raise some money for a cause. Whatever the cause may be, diabetes related or not, do it for others.


I think any type of cause, that your heart is in, is great! There are lots of people right here on this site, who not only have diabetes, but have cancer as well…and plenty that live on to tell the tale! So thank you for believing that one can make the difference.


There is an organization I belong to -- I won't name it because advertising is not my point here -- whose motto is "Service Above Self." That's exactly what you're talking about, and it's a major part of why we are here, IMHO.

A very wise man I once knew said (paraphrasing) that what people most want from life is to make a difference. You obviously understand that. I wish more people did.

Thanks for writing this. There are some reminders it's impossible to hear too often.

I can really relate to your story, Daniel. I was diagnosed with type 1 4 years ago and despite being an RN, it was a life changing event for me. I have felt through those years that others around me, family and even physicians think " it’s no big deal". I struggle with their cavalier attitude about it and I guess I am always trying to get them to understand. The more I do, the more irritated others become with me, especially physicians. I guess I never saw it in that light until I read your story. I will take your advice and attempt to change my focus…and my physicians.

Hi Daniel, You sound like a very motivated diabetic which is great. We should all be that motivated.It sort of gets you out of your self & your own situation. Keep on biking.. It's a great exercise for us diabetics or for that matter, anyone.