Softball softball softball

For about 4 or 5 months after i was diagnosed with Diabetes, I was so sick and wasn’t able to practice softball or run or even lift weights. Well this semester I have softball as a class and today was my first practice back and one word “SUCCESS”!!!

My sugar was perfect during but when i got home it dropped a little, but not a whole lot, only to 60. But I had a great time and watch out becuae i am gonna be going 110 mph and show people what I am made out of. haha

That’s great! Clearly you enjoyed yourself. It must feel super to be back at it again.

I am glad to hear you are back to doing what you love! you will prove to people that us diabetics can do anything we want with a little effort and motivation! Congrats!

That’s awesome that you are back in action!

You show them girl!

Way to go. The feeling is the best. The basal rate can be changed downward to meet the low by measuring the time that the BG went down. For instance, I will lower my rate 1 hour after I workout for a period of 2 hours. The tweaking will be your option. You show people what you are made of. It is all about having a great time doing what you love.

that’s great news! kick some butt

OMG! My daughter is a big softball player! She is 14, just diagnosed Type 1 after Thanksgiving & it’s time to start softball conditioning. She has a chance of playing for the varsity team even as a freshman - as long as we can get her feeling good :slight_smile: Maybe I can get her to talk to you!

Thanks everyone for the support! And yes Samsmom I would love to help out your daughter and tell her what to expect because people helped me out and it is my duty to do the same. :slight_smile: Inbox me whenever if you have questions or anything and I will do my best to help