Sensor + Jacuzzi =?

I love to take a hot tub (jacuzzi) as much as possible. I have not been in a jacuzzi since I started the Dexcom system a few months ago (a little nervous to test). Anyone know what effect this will have on the Dexcom sensor? I thought a jacuzzi would be a little different then taking a standard bath due to the chemicals.

Thank you!

Hi. I had this question too when I first got the Dexcom. I never really got an answer but I will tell you what works for me. I was so bummed to not be getting in the hot tub for fear that I would ruin this expensive piece of equipment! I started wearing the sensor on my arm and keeping my arm out of the hot tub! There has been a few times where I accidently put my arm in the water and everything has been fine although the adhesive was affected and did not stick very well afterwards. I hope this works for you too! I was more worried about the heat of the water than the chemicals as some people take theirs into chlorinated pools without problems. Good luck!

So glad you got in and enjoyed your Nestea plunge. Getting into the hot water is insta cure for stress and feels so good!!! Did you get the sensor wet? I have called Dexcom before and they of course can’t say it is alright (can’t be held responsible if something were to go wrong), but they did tell me people get in the pool without problems.

I’ve had no problems with either hot tubs or baths with my Dex. I’m going on 17 months with my original transmitter and it has been through a lot of baths and hot tub use!

I’ve been using the hot tub for over a year now with no problems. I don’t think the temp is so high as to hurt the transmitter. If you think about it, it’s only about 10 degrees above body temp. I’ve had a little trouble with the adhesive getting loose, but I fix that with mastisol.