Dexcom and Bikini? Ladies where do you wear your sensor?

Hi Ladies,
So i currently wear an Omnipod and a Dex. My fave place to wear my pod is on my lower back, and I find in a swimsuit, it’s outta sight for me there, and works well. I haven’t been in a swimsuit since getting my Dex, but am heading on vacay next week, and have only ever worn my sensor on my lower abdomen, which to my dismay seems to look odd in all of my swimsuits. Does anyone suggest other places to wear the sensor? Does lower back work for the Dex (but then how the heck would I insert it I wonder?)Thanks for any suggestions!

I use my lower back quite often so that the sensor hides, I do have an ample amount of fat in that area though. I don’t have trouble inserting it there, I just turn and pinch an area. I do recommend you look at the waistline of your pants and shorts as well as your swimsuit before you put it on so you don’t end up rubbing the sensor with the waistline. Sometimes I just put my sensor on my arm and deal with the stares and the funky tan lines. I hope it all works out for you!

Ditto. I kind of just deal with the stares (and questions) and tan lines these days. The dex sensor is obviously a lot flatter than the omnipod, but I just can’t hide a pod anywhere - way too big of a bump for me. :-/

Like Jaynadems said, it’s not hard to insert in back once you get the hang of it.

I’m an arm person also. Have had several folks question what it was, but always respectfully. I take it as an opportunity to talk to them about diabetes. For the most part, the back of my arms is a whole lot easier to deal with than anywhere else. Only problems I had is sliding my backpack off and catching it on the sensor (use it instead of purse) and pulling a bathing suit top off and catching the sensor (elastic around waist). I figure my tan is going to be wild this year :wink:

I wear the sensor on my butt/upper butt/hip. it works well for me!

Thanks Everyone! I will try the “twist around” method to insert a sensor on the lower back/upper butt area as I do the Pod. I agree with you Carolyn, I can’t hide the Pod anywhere, but at least on my lower back area instead of the abdomen, it’s not protruding so much. Well, at least I can’t see it protruding :slight_smile: Not sure about the arms. I may try it one day, but I have really sensitive skin on the back of my arms for some reason, so I’ve been hesitant. Thanks again!

A bikini with a ruffle hides pretty well, not sure if that’s an option. I was able to hide my DD’s sensor and pump site in her bikini bottom last year (back side). I think you might need someone to insert it for you though.

I wear my dex on the side of my butt cheek exclusively. It works good most of the time.

I wear my Omnipod on the side of my hip under the side of my bikini (no one has ever noticed it) & my dexcom on upper butt area, went to the beach in feb & these areas worked great & I don’t have much fat in either area:)

Hey Thanks! Do you find the readings vary here? I’ve only ever used my abdomen, and I recently tried the butt area, and it seem my readings have been off? I did also have a pump occlusion and was getting high readings for a while prior, so maybe it’s just the ususal “if numbers are too high/low, readings vary anyway?” Thx again!

I’m kinda on the athletic side so my arms dont have enough. I recommend a couple fingers under the bellybutton and off to the side. The waist of most outfit camouflages it pretty well and the tan line/circle isnt too crazy. The areas dann mentioned work pretty well too but I prefer the abdomen cause I tend to scrape them off accidentally

I wear it on lower back/wasitline area because it is easier to hide that way. I wore it with a bikini last week and it was not too bad. It works fine for me in that spot too, It is not too hard to insert if you are flexible and can twist!