Sensor looks a bit weird

I put in a new G6 dexcom sensor today and i noticed that the middle part with the two black dots is dislodged so that its appearing at an angle out of the sensor. Its not attached to the base like my previous sensors. I push it down and after a while it comes back up.

Must say I haven’t noticed this in my previous sensors, is this normal?

That is kind of a “floating part”. I think optimally the sensor wire under the skin, anchors it down close to the skin. But if for some reason the sensor wire slightly pulls out or didn’t entirely go in, it may look to be a little higher up than usual.

I have observed it doesn’t always sit exactly the same for every single insertion, sometimes it does sit up than others.

When you push it down and comes back up, that is the stiffness of the not-quite-entirely-inserted sensor wire.

You put the transmitter on and the sensor seems to be working ok?

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That is how it should look when the wire is all the way in. If the wire is only partially in it lies flat, so I assume you will have a decent run on this one.

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Thanks both

Its warming up at the moment. So far so good.

ah so it gives a bit of a tug when its fully inserted so that the component flaps up? I was a bit worried because I know the part that goes into the skin is sensitive and the part was flapping up and down i could see what tugging on the sensor needle bit and was concerned I was causing it damage.

Out of curiosity what is the correct way to insert the sensor to get the best results. I peel off the tape, let it lie on my skin WITHOUT putting any pressure, then dislodge the safety piece and press the button. I did this the same way with all my sensors so far but this one came out differently.

Normally I pull the tab first. Then I place it firm against my skin and push the trigger.
My issues are from it not disengaging from the inserter. Which happens sometimes.
That’s when the wire doesn’t go in all the way, and will crap out after a few days.

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Firm with pressure as in you are pushing it down or just laying it on the surface of the skin ?

I push a bit to cause my skin to depress a little but not hard.

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