Setting off security while entering and leaving stores

While entering and leaving Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes I will set off the security. It just started maybe a month ago and the only thing my husband and I can come up with is the pod. The poor person manning the door looks at us in a confused manner when this happens and when I tell them what I think it is they laugh with us and tell me it’s OK. Has anyone else out here notice this happening to them?


Lisa, It is not unusual for a purse to have a sensor that is harder to desensitize. Many women have alarms announce them as they enter and leave every store in the mall! Look in the pockets for a fabric covered strip and cut it out.

I’ve never set off an alarm with the pod…not even at the airport!
I HAVE, however, set off alarms with those fabric security sensors in my jeans or my purse…check your wallet, too, I had one from Coach that had one of them slipped in a credit card slot…I set off alarms for WEEKS because I never thought to check there!

We thought about that also. I will search my purse and see if I can find anything. Thanks

I also have never had this problem due to a pod. I have had it with a coat though, have you started wearing a coat as the fall approaches?

5 years with the pod, and it never happened!

After more than 3 yrs on the Pod, Caleb has never set off any security alarm.

I do not have Pod, but sometimes we do set off alarm as well (I do not even bother to stop :slight_smile: ). I beleive it’s strips to check BG.

Never thought to use that excuse. I think I’ll go “shopping”. hahaha. I do not seem to have that issue with mine.

Thanks for the info. The purse I’m using is well over a year old and my wallet is a lot older than that. No coat yet, still a little warm here in Texas. I will check my purse just in case there is something in there that could be causing this to happen. We thought it odd just out of the blue I started setting off the security alarms in stores. I just wondering if maybe someone else has started noticing this. Thanks again.

Are you carrying a spare vial of test strips in its box? Maybe there is one of those security sensors stuck in the box. I have seen security sensors in the boxes of other small, expensive items. I get my test strips through the mail and there are no sensors on them, but if you get yours at a pharmacy, there might be a sensor glued inside the box.

I JUST thought of this! I was coming back to mention it…I set off the alarms walking out of the pharmacy every time, but I guess I’m so used to it I forgot it even happens!

That means that the cashier is not doing his/her job. They are supposed to pass the box over a device (probably has a magnet in it) to deactivate the security device. I have seen them in many stores and they usually have a warning on them not to put a credit or ATM card on it because it will wipe out the data on the magnetic strip on the back.

It happens because the only place they have the desensitizing device is at the front cashier, but I pay and check out in the back at the pharmacy…they know me well by now, so it’s not an issue, more laziness on all of our parts!