Settling In


Okay, so I have a few minutes to write-- Joseph and his buddy, Zach, are outside smackin’ a ball against the side of the house, and Evan (dressed in full princess regalia) is playing at her girlfriend’s house next door.

Now, I really should be updating my other site-- but here I am instead messin’ around with these new digs.

I just can’t help it-- it’s like moving into a new place. All you want to do is get settled and check out the new neighborhood.

So I’m playing with colors, experimenting with images for the masthead (for now, I like coming here and seeing my boy’s determined face), and “wandering” around the new hood…

Uh oh-- afraid that’s about all I have time to share. Joseph just walked in the door yelling:

"Hey Mom-- I’m 126 and it’s like 90 degrees out-- can we go get ice cream?"

Gotta go. :slight_smile:


I think I’ve moved in and made myself at home. I’ve been on this site 2-4 times a day since I’ve found it and am trying to plug it to everyone I know. :slight_smile:

Hope Joseph got his ice cream - Good Humor makes a sherbert that is simply out of this world!