6 days on the pump!

Hi everyone! Just thought i’d give an update on how its going on the pump. It’s going GREAT for me!!! My average since being on it is 166 which is really good for me:) I haven’t had a shot of insulin for nearly a week (tommorrow morning is a week!!!) and i’m LOVING it!! It’s not only very easy but it has put me MUCH more in comtrol :slight_smile: I finally feel like I’m in control of my own health :slight_smile: I talked to my trainer yesterday and he said to fax him my numbers tommorrow but I no longer need to call him everyday OR check my sugar during the night!! He says I’ve got it pretty much figured out :slight_smile: I will try and update soon again if any one is interested in following how it keeps going.

I am so proud of you. Even though I have been pumping for a while, I am doing so much better with my new pump! Its only day 3 and I cannot believe how awesome this is going! Keep it up honey!

hi Leanna, hey keep up the good work it sounds like your doing well your first week in keep a positive attitude and things will be good for you. I’ve been pumping for 5 years now and its been life changing for me. you take care steve